I build websites using five basic languages. html, css, js, php, and mysql. I have build a lot of websites, but my problem is that everytime I start a new project I start with a blank page. It's time consuming. I wonder if any of you guys have a method that can make the building process easier?

please do not suggest templates, or wordpress or joomla. I like to build unique websites.

Wouldn't you say that the use if templates makes it more difficult to achieve uniqueness?

That's why a lot if the blogger and wordpress sites look similar or sites that use bootstrap also look similar and are easy to spot.

Anyway, I think the design is somewhat influenced by the purpose of the site. That's why business related web apps look much different than those that are used for social media

Do you use any PHP frameworks? They can cover the bare bones stuff such as dealing with URI routing (clean looking URLs), connecting to the database, and a template engine. Plus they have a lot of other built-in functionality. Pick the one that best suits your needs.

To rewrite the question better ...
How can I code faster? build websites faster?

I build websites from scratch, and I found that it is a lot of work.

Well, i noticed that a lot of people, on the envato marketplaces, get other people's templates and just quickly modify them. They just buy/download a complete template, and then make a few quick changes and use as their own. Idk if that is even allowed, but thats what they do.

If you want to build sites faster using templates, make sure you have created a few sites of your own and use those as templates.

Make your own unique/creative templates and someone will copy them.