I notice that diafol is a bit quiet this year when it comes to the Six Nations. Can't imagine why :)

Saying that has probably just guaranteed a butt-kicking by Ireland for England now (actually don't mean that, think it will be a really tough and close game though). Ditto when it comes to France v Wales this afternoon, depending as usual on which French team turns up.

Well, I'm not a rugby fan (although slowly getting into it), but my drinking buddy is. He is an ex rugby player (and sports the looks), Irish to boot and I'm going to watch the game with him tomorrow, it's gonna be messy, much alcohol will be consumed :)

It is quiet when diafols not online...

I should really start watching rugby... i have not once watched a game but have seen some clips of it... rugby players are a lot tougher than american football players, and this is coming from a guy who is a starter and plays on a varsity football team...

The Scotland/Italy match was a blinder. Now that's what I'm talking about, with Italy not giving up and snatching victory in the last few seconds. That is why I watch rugby!

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Couldn't help but bite. Most impt game for me was Wal v Eng. Wales showed our backside to the world again. Absolute disgrace. England played well to be fair to them, but Jesus, talk about being bereft of ideas. Wales took Scotland by the skin of their teeth and ground out a good win against France. So with a bit of luck Ireland can stomp on our old enemy today and if we manage to beat them in our turn, Wales could still win the chamnpionship. But those are very big ifs. Probably come dowm to points difference if that's the case anyway. It'll be down to by how much Wales can beat Italy (the usual points ching ching game) - but the way Italy stuck to it yesterday, I'm not convinced Wales will beat them (away).

So, enough parochial nonsense. I see England snatching a tight game today. This will probably be the title decider, rightly so, between the top two NH sides at the moment. If England beat Ireland, I can't see anybody standing in their way for a GS. Ireland would still have to meet us at Cardiff if they win today, but there again, Ireland have got a pretty impressive record at the Millennium.

Poor bloody Scotland. So close again. Really felt sorry for Laidlaw, but what a fantastic interview he gave at the end of the match. Big hand to him.

My crystal ball says...

England 5W (GS)
Ireland 4W
Wales 3W
France 2W
Italy 1W
Scotland 0W

No change from the current table as of this moment. Nearly threw up as I typed that. Welen i unrhyw un arall yn ennill ond y Saeson.

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Ire 19-3 Eng at the moment. C'mon Ireland!!! Put a smile on the Celts' faces!

Final Score Ire 19-9 Eng. Well, that's interesting. Ire for the GS if they beat Wal/Sco? My predictions totally wrong then...

Current Standing

Ireland 3W (+40) [Next: Wal, Sco]
England 2W (+25) [Sco, Fra]
Wales 2W (+5) [Ire, Ita]
France 1W (-7) [Ita, Eng]
Italy 1W (-50) [Fra, Wal]
Scotland 0W (-13) [Eng, Ire]

Ireland deserved the win, and look good for the 6N now. England just made too many handling errors.

As long as England beat France this year then I'm cool aha.

It'll be interesting if Wales can turn things around in their game with Ireland in a couple of weeks.

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OK!!! Wales 23 - 16 Ireland

So England for the Championship if they beat Scotland and France. They have an almost unassailable points difference, so unless they underperform, which to be fair, they have over the last few years. Scotland will prob. find it impossible at Twickers. May be down to France next week to put a smile on the Celts' faces.

That Wales/Ireland match was, for great swathes of it at least, amongst the best I have ever seen. Truly brilliant from both teams, and what a win for Wales!

England did enough against Scotland, but oh so many chances thrown away. Without finishing stuff they are never going to be a great team just a very good one.

So, the final weekend: can't see Wales clinching it (unless both England and Ireland lose which is mega unlikely) courtesy of the goal difference, and think it's going to be very close between England and Ireland. I guess England have the nod for being in a position of knowing what they will need to do for their match, but Ireland could dismantle Scotland and run away with the goal difference to take it out of reach.

Looking forward to it already, I love these more open championship super saturdays :)

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Yes agree HG. WalIre probably very exciting game for partisans and purists. Eng will get it I think on PD. Probably table will finish as is for top 3:

Eng | Ire | Wal - all equal on wins, separarted by PD.

ENg had great PD win over Sco but will as you say be concerned over errors. Still, they must really fancy themselves for WC pool stages. Would imagine still question mark over Robshaw as out-and-out 7. And Mike Brown should play soccer from his drama queen antics. Forwards played well enough I thought. Will be a very tough team to play in WC.

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OMG! Ita 13 61 Wal at the moment. Can't get my breath!

Ah bugger - Ita score

After First Game

Wal 8 +53
Eng 6 +37 England have to beat France by 17 points (and beat Ireland's PD)
Ire 6 +33 Ireland have to beat Sctoland by 21 points (and beat England's PD)

So far I think Wales have provided the most exhilirating rugby in the 6N. In the last game with their defence, in this with their clinical offence.

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Ah well. All over for another year.

Ire | Eng | wal

3 amazing games (missed last two but listened on radio) - bring on the WC!
I think the order reflects the state of the teams at the moment. Well done Ireland - first B2B championship wins in over 50 years.

Yesterday was epic. I was glued to rubgy on the TV for seven hours and it felt like just a couple. Exciting doesn't really do it justice. You know what, I don't care who won after rugby like that. England, France, Ireland and Wales all played so well. Best 6N finish I can remember and one of the best days of ruigby ever. Stunning stuff.

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I've gotta get off ghosts and watch the footy.