I have a computer science degree, and am interested in finding out about fields I can enter into that are slightly different from software development.

For instance, I was considering taking a masters in something like Architecture as it sounds quite interesting. But I'm not sure if something like that fits with a Computer Science degree as I do not want that to go to waste. Perhaps a masters isn't even required to enter some of these fields? Are there such careers that one can specialize into with a CS degree?

A friend of mine took his first degree in computer science then did a degree in medicine specializing in diagnostic imaging relating to cancer treatment.

Is that a degree as in - a 3 year undergraduate one or a postgrad?

I know a guy that got his degree in ACS and then minored in geographic studies. He now develops geographic systems used for topography. On the surface (bazinga) that seems pretty cool.

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Is that a degree as in - a 3 year undergraduate one or a postgrad?

Four year honors degree.

Data mining might be a good speciality.

You can try teaching or accounting.

The medical field still has lots of jobs and money and so does law and forensics. Another rewarding area to get into is cyber security.

What about software development? Really creative new programs, not just copying what others have done.

Try to find a government job! Those jobs pay well and don't require much effort.