Do you enjoy programming? If yes, why? Is it your passion? maybe on the salary? and etc. or you just simply enjoy it I wanna hear it from you guys, so let me start it

I enjoy PHP programming because of the challenges it gives

Part science, part art. It's a way to challenge ourselves to solve new (to us) problems, and give us a puzzle to not only solve, but improve upon when everything finally works. It is a beautiful, fairly universal mode of communication, and there is just something so peaceful about code that not only runs fast, but its also aesthetically pleasing to read.

I enjoy programming because I like to build things but I suck at wood-working. Also I need less room, I don't need as many tools and I have yet to lose a digit to a debugger.

Telling the computer what to do! Might be wishfull thinking, but it is a good exercise for your brain. An exercise that could just keep old age Alzheimer's away.

I'm married
Where else tofind something somewhere I can tell what to do

Perhaps programming is more of an addiction to some than an enjoyment. Personally, I can't go more than a few hours without doing a line or two of code.

Do you enjoy programming? If yes, why?

I like solving problems, creating something useful out of nothing but an idea, and I seem to be good at it.

You have an idea. You program it on a computer. (That alone is amazing, you tell a thing to do something for you) It does not work.It never does. Then starts the most interesting phase: debugging. Figuring out why it's not working.
The thrills and hapiness you feel when your program finally does work, are undescribable.

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Problem solving and the satisfaction that comes from solving problems for yourself and others.

Also finding new ways of doing things and measuring them up against the standard methods. That's always fun, but usually pointless for me, heh heh.

I like the creative aspect of programming and debugging code, figuring out what went wrong, and how you can make everything work on your own.

Man or woman programmer against the beastly computer, quite a challenge at times. Make the beast sing when you want it to do so.

Its my passion. I love to program for hours and burn candles at night for nothing but just pleasure. I love programming.

Creativity part
I see myself as a creative person and I love to reflect my creativity into games.