Can this be disabled for the "report post" feature?

It's all too easy to see two posts in succession which both need code tags, and report them both within the time limit (and be told not to).

Or perhaps I should just stop caring and whining about how many posts violate the code tags rules.

Sorry, the 15 second limit cannot be removed. When a post is reported, the post and thread tables are both updated with new rows, which are the most frequently accessed tables in the database.

Keep in mind that all members can report posts. Without a limit, a bot can be created to repeatedly report over and over again, hitting the database too hard and creating write locks on our two most important tables.

I don't understand the limit on searches applying when I go BACK, from the first search item I looked at, to see the results list again to look at another found item.

It should not perform the search again, but it tries to, and replaces the results list I want to use with the error message.

I'm not sure what you mean?