Firefox 2 issue when posting and reading threads.

Whenever I post today, I get a perpetual "loading" animation. I have to refresh the screen to see the post.

I cannot edit a post, I get the perpetual "loading" animation. Using refresh brings back the original page, not the edit screen.

When I looked at the image in the post "Internet Explorer issue when reading posts" (maybe not exact title, because I can't navigate away without losing the text), I could not click on it to return to the post.

The thread is "Internet Explorer Issue While Viewing Threads". I also couldn't edit the above post.

I've been posting today from both home and the office with no problems. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Let me know if it continues into tomorrow ... I don't really have any ideas to investigate right now.

Works fine on FF3 and IE7 and IE8 Beta 2

Upgrade to FF3 or use IE.

I use FF3, and i have had no problems since i have joined :)

Firefox 2 and 3 work fine for me.

No problem's here, either. Fox

Midi, you seem to be having problems no one else ever sees. Could your OS be damaged in some way?

What OS is he using anyway?

Only problem I have ever had with daniweb was with IE in enhanced security mode on Windows Server platforms

I found this problem. A Real Player plugin was causing the trouble. I removed it.