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Anyone has an idea of reading the content of the text file from the remote computer using ASP.Net VB.

I know how to read textfile if it resides in the server but i keep searching on the net on how I can read the data from the textfile but up to now I can't find. Location is fixed, example: C:/Directory/Textfile.txt.
That is the location where I am going to pull the data inside the textfile then after reading it will delete the textfile generated.
Anyone has an idea please help. Thanks a lot.

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if you have a network access to remote computer, you do the same thing while reading the text file. instead of local file representation, you are going to use network file representation of the location to that file like this:
\\servername-or server ip\\path\filename.txt. it is as easy as it is to read from local server file.


HI! Im sorry but what I am referrring is, they are using internet to register someone's profile and one part of it is to pick up the file from that PC. File is not reside in the server and it is located in any PC that has an access to the the web pages. It is in the client PC and not in the server. In order to get the file, there is button in the webpage to pick up the file then reads it content. Please help. I did readiang textfile but it rresides in the PC and not in the cleint PC. The location of the textfile is fixed as shown for example. C:\Directory\textfile.txt



ok i got your question now, you can do that with javascript i believe. i have tried that before and it worked, search google with javascript read file, you will find something useful. or you can create a windows app and have the users install it and then transfer the file using a webservice, or just basically have the user upload the file using fileupload webcontrol.


it is very simple with asp net .

Put a File Upload Button in yours controls.

suppose there is a button on urs controlls READ.

on the event handler Read on click event use this Code.

suppose FileUpload button have the ID

File1.PostedFile.SaveAs(Server.MapPath(filename to save));

for reading a file

String strXMLFileContent = "";
using (StreamReader SR = new StreamReader(Server.MapPath(FIle Name on which you have saved)))
while (SR.EndOfStream == false)
strXMLFileContent += SR.ReadLine();


to delete File

File.Delete(Server.MapPath(Filename to delete from Server);

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