Hi, for the past couple of weeks I have noticed that daniweb crashes when the traffic exceeds 4200 members online. It usually happens around a Thursday night Australian Eastern Standard Time and is real annoying at times since I need to wait for the next day to post.
I know it's not my internet because I can visit every other website and from the windows command prompt, most of the time I can ping daniweb.com with no problems. I suspect that daniweb just can't handle the 4200+ members during peak hour of the week. Just thought I would mention this and ask if anyone else has noticed the same problem.

I don't have the exact numbers, but you're right. Daniweb has been a "bit" hard to reach lately. Yesterday it was down for an hour (for me anyway), round 15:00 gmt+1

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I think you are right ! Just when I thought it had nothing to do with the member count (which is 4663 right now), it started behaving strangely. Daniweb has become slow as a tortoise.

I'm sorry for the downtime and slow connection to DaniWeb. Unfortunately, this is unrelated to our traffic (our servers are more than capable of being able to handle it). The problem is that, over the past couple of weeks, we've been migrating to a virtualized server solution, and have been experiencing one problem after another ... the site was down due to DNS issues, database issues, mail server issues that was taking down the database, and, today, because one of our upstream bandwidth providers are having issues. Some of these problems we're working feverishly to fix (or have fixed already). Others, such as issues with an upstream provider, which only affect certain users based on their location, are unfortunately out of our control.

@Blud / Dani:

I experienced some major downtime today. Was this on of those "locationbased" problems or....?

Web server headaches :-/