Hey I have been using Daniweb for quite some time now and I really feel that it should include a section on Latest Attacks say virus attacks,hackers tweak and other things which can harm the computer and putting light on how to overcome those attacks in the best possible way.
As this community involves a lot of "highly qualified"(which I am proud to say) professionals,this section can help a lot of people in protecting themselves from those attacks.What do you guys feel???

I do not understand the need; there are sites that are dedicated to that run by professionals who dedicate their lives to the job. An amateur site would be prone to the "warn all your friends" emails and just clog the system. Maybe a 'stickie' linked out to the pros might help (if this is not already done). There is already a section for help after the fact.

No what i meant was a note on on section about the newest threat someone came across would help others get aware of it right ?

I'm not sure I understand ... As GrimJack pointed out, there are sites that are entirely devoted to making the public aware of the latest security threats and viruses on an up-to-the-minute basis. New viruses are coming out every single day and keeping track of them like this is a fulltime job.