I got insulted from my post and i can't even delete it. Someone called me "incompetent".

I still think it was rude despite Moderator's comment supporting that insulting guy's comment.

Yes, I am incompetent because i don't even know to delete my own posts. :D

I don't want to keep posts where people insult me.

I should have a right to delete my own posts.

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I am also wondering how to delete from the forum for future reference in case i get so fed up with insults.

>Someone called me "incompetent".
People are called a lot worse things when they screw up.

>I should have a right to delete my own posts.
People who take the time to reply to you should have the right to keep their replies even if you don't like them. You're on a public forum -- maybe you should have thought about that before you posted?

>I am also wondering how to delete from the forum for future reference
For future reference, there is no delete button. What you've said, you've said.

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If you find this insulting:

The only bug I see is you accusing a programming language which has been around for decades, used by thousands, for your incompetence.

Then you should be lucky you didn't ran into me in the C++-forum :icon_twisted:

My advice would be to grow up. Whining about how you have been 'insulted' is not going to help your case. If you don't know how to take some criticism, then a professional job in real life is a long way to go for you.

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Chalk it up as a learning experience. There's absolutely nothing you can do about it. You have a half hour to reconsider your post and have second thoughts. In that time period, you can edit it down to nothing. Of course, if someone else has RESPONDED to your quote and included your quote in their response, you're too late. You can't edit THEIR post. Anyway, you have a half hour, then it's on the site forever, uneditable and undeletable, and there's nothing you can do about it. Once you post on a public forum, the post is no longer exclusively yours, regrets or no regrets.

You can't control other people's opinions and you can't control other people's posts and you can't control the rules of Daniweb. One of those rules is the half-hour editing rule. "Incompetent" means "not compotent in Java at this particular time", which is basically a synonym for "newbie". True, one term has a much more negative connotation than the other, but try not to think of it as a complete comment on your worthiness as a human being. Read the link John A posted and try to soak up its wisdom. Anyway, if you're worried this is going to follow you around and tar you forever, it won't. In a few days, it'll be off the front page and no one will see it again unless you bring it up again.

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Grow a pair and stop crying. We've all had (or even given) our share of flak, and not spent the next week sooking in the corner.

I am sorry for being late to respond to this.

Firstly if you read all of the posts related to that particular question in both threads (the poster created 2 threads),
you will reach to the conclusion that the poster was accusing the programming language because he couldn't get his program to work they he wanted it.
Unfortunately this command hasn't been invented yet:

main() {

Secondly those who have replied, including me have suggested to and12 to post his code with relevant questions about his problem, as proposed by the forum rules. Not a single post contained code for us to look and comment

And lastly,
as VernonDozier said:

"Incompetent" means "not compotent in Java at this particular time"

I didn't called you directly "incompetent", I said:

...., for your incompetence

Meaning for your incompetence in java

It is different

@JavaAddict - now we're dealing with semantics, which may be above his development (age) level. To simplify:

And12 - you may or may not be idiot, but at present you are acting like one :D

Can we all now stop with this and12 bashing please? Though and12 made a selfish request in this thread, he has nowhere come across as being rude. He asked a question and was given an appropriate answer by the forum moderator.

Daniweb regulars ganging up on a new member isn't a very pleasant sight. Though Daniweb has always appreciated and encouraged member contributions, backseat moderation and sarcasm never was and never will be instrumental in handling forum issues. I hope you all understand this. BTW, closed lest this turns into something nasty.