I am only new here and I was just looking around to see what is what. I got to this thread http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread237762-5.htm and found it hard to believe it ever happened. The following two posts really got me going.

Bob… “My statement about my age and disabilities were only expressed to inform Jupiter 2 that I also am aged and have disabilities and I know how it makes me feel with my situation so I do feel for him in his. I never offered my situation as an excuse for anything. Nor would I try to excuse what I did, I knew what I was doing, I thought and still think it was the correct action. I don't ask for or expect any sympathy for my situation. My disabilities are very restrictive but most times that I go anywhere, I see others much worse off than I am. I thank God that I am as good as I am. As you have expressed your feelings, as you did, in regard to my war injuries, I am very sorry that I ever mentioned them. I will keep my personal situation to myself in future.”

kaninelupus…..”Well boo-hoo to you!! There are a number of DaniWeb members who know what it is like to like with with chronic pain (myself included) or severe disabilities, and yes, most of us have had our moments where tolerance has dropped. But to even suggest/imply that it in some way justifies thuggish our outright predatory behaviour?? Gimme a break! You are not so much the geriatric that you lack either the necessary mental functionality and/or the physical motor skills to involve yourself within this site, so your point is moot.”

After reading this thread I decided to visit every post of kaninelupus and I find these in a very short time looking….

kaninelupus…..Aug 3rd, 2009
•Originally Posted by Aia
Mate, I thought I could be both cranky and argumentative at the moment (severe back pain will do that to a person), but you really take the cake. The wonderful thing about a democratic society is the freedom to have one's own ideas and opinions.

kaninelupus…..Aug 3rd, 2009
•Originally Posted by crunchie
You want to be careful who you go around calling a moron.
Probably, but when in a lot of pain (off work with back injury - disc compression suspected), becomes rather frustrating when trying to help someone quite legally, and legit links get removed

kaninelupus…..Aug 3rd, 2009 |
Originally Posted by crunchie
Apologies, missed that one. seems could be classed as both
gotta luv these painkillers

kaninelupus has made a statement (incorrectly) about Bob using his problems as an excuse, but it is explained very clearly “I never offered my situation as an excuse for anything. Nor would I try to excuse what I did, I knew what I was doing, I thought and still think it was the correct action.” Yet here we find him (kaninelupus) using his pain and drugs in a very clear attempt to excuse his behavior. Cranky and argumentative, Moron and I was wrong, must be the drugs.

I will ensure that I stay well away from kaninelupus if I decide to even stay with this site.

jephthah commented: mind your own business +0

Let's not start this discussion *again*

Yup, you're right.... I did let it get to me at one point and snapped at a few ppl as a result. Got rightly pulled up for it too - ironically by someone else who'd also made the same errors at one point :/

Fair enough, you are new.... not biting :)

I am closing this thread as a fire fighting precaution