You know, i don't consider myself old. I don't have vision problems. but when i look at this site now, generally speaking, i find it very difficult to read.

Oh, the buttons and headers and footers and advertising banners and other assorted tags are quite large and prominently displayed. i can read them just fine. and yeah, they load up faster, i suppose.

but as for the textual content? the very reason i actually come here? well now i've gotta freakin' squint and move closer to the screen.

sure i could roll my zoom button and magnify the entire page. but that makes it even more unpleasant.

and that's what it really comes down to. this new layout, this lack of usability, is downright unpleasant.

i'm not even talking about the garish color. If it was just that, I could accept it as someone else's personal taste. not mine, but hey whatever.

Im talking about the general difficulty in navigating around between threads and forums, and the specific unreadability of the tiny light content text in striking conflict with the huge monochromatic site framework and incomprehensibly large amounts of whitespace.

it's just too much.

so, with that, i'm randomizing my password to prevent my popping in out of habit. Coming here has become un-fun.

peace, I'm out.

iamthwee commented: Yule bee back +0
Tekmaven commented: You could just use the password reset if you wanted to login... +0
Nick Evan commented: And I always thought you would get banned :) +0
Salem commented: I am in complete agreement. +0

or maybe i'm just a drama queen and wanted to see who loves me?

oh well, so much for my hiatus. i see some incremental changes being made that make the new site more tolerable.

and, when i think about it.... where else can i get instant gratification and social rewards for abusing silly people?


Oh, give it another week. There'll be more changes :icon_twisted:

Geez... I'm...shocked. Yeah. :D

I knew you'd be back. I'll bet you've been browsing C without logging in.

Geez... I'm...shocked. Yeah. :D

I knew you'd be back. I'll bet you've been browsing C without logging in.

yeah, right. as if i don't have better things to do. Like, I'm so sure :icon_rolleyes:

(did someone see me???)

>>did someone see me???


I'm with jephthah - I'm outa here!

The site is an unreadable mess - it's a student summer assignment gone horribly wrong.

The only thing which should actually matter (the stuff people actually contribute) is relegated to the bottom of the pile.

But you all know all this already, so I'll just ...

commented: i dont know what i regret more: seeing you leave, or having lost my credibility by coming back. :( i'm really torn, because i hate all of the changes to this site. it's gruesome. +0
commented: I'd hate to see you leave, but the choice is yours +0

But before you go ... make sure you change your avatar, the caption under your avatar, and your quote.

damn, and i just came back to see him go :(

i still think the site design is horrid. I'm only just barely tolerating it.


I'm also gone for awhile. I've given it a fair shot but the Java forum where I spend most of my time isn't getting any easier to read. I'll be back when threads are easy to quickly assess (as far as which ones are important at a first glance), read, and respond to again. Peace.

hrmm... it looked like some significant fixes were in order, but apparently i was mistaken.

the entire site layout makes it obvious that content and quality is secondary to flash and attracting visitors. the features that made it worth dealing with one-off homework seekers and signature spammers are now gone.

i really have lost interest in participating here. i've been trying to care about this site, but it's just not happening.



Isn't this the second time you have said you were leaving?? Im confused :P

second time this week, yes...

Balls, she got me. Test case .. fail? Smh. To explain, I thought this shenanigans was broken because after posting, I clicked 'expand' and nothing happened. But after refreshing the page, it expands again.

Luh you

i really have lost interest in participating here. i've been trying to care about this site, but it's just not happening.


Cough..cough...gosh Jep...cough...see you around I guess.

Yes, this is without doubt true.

The design is not a success at all. It is actually difficult to read the threads in the mainpage to begin with and also the discussion.

Why ?

* The distance between threads are to big for the eye to naturally read all of them fast wich disturbes the eye all the time.

* The same problem comes to many places on the site where text is put in big height panels wich also is a mistake. You can have big height panels at a few places but not in every replied thread.

I think the designers on this forum have made a risky layout that did fail. Almost every good forums doesn´t have big distances between threads in the Mainpage.

The purple color is perheps a matter of taste but it seems a bit strange also. I don´t like to much. I am sure there is a better color to use.

But the keyword is the DISTANCES between threads in the Mainpage and Discussion board. It is not good at all. Difficult for the eye.

I stopped most of my activity here a fair while before the big change, but now I have even less reason to come back, I totally agree with Jephthah, it's ugly and unwelcoming. The fonts are a mess, the colors are plain and dull, and everything seems to put strain on the eye. Even the giant submit button puts me off :icon_rolleyes: I think Daniweb needs a major makeover, but this time a good one.