I just received an e-mail that was dated back in September.:-O:confused: I'm wondering why it took 1 month and three weeks to receive this e-mail. It involved the new rules and the member of the month for September along with other informative insights. I just performed an e-mail test, checked my junk, to see if is was the fault of the e-mail handlers. I know you all have a difficult job in making sure that everything flows smoothly for this website in order for everyone to to have the ability to navigate so they can help others.:icon_lol: I also read for the first time that you are not allowed to ask for help from the moderators nor members. How am I suppose to be an asset to this community without that push in the right direction, which is silently asking for help, since this is the first forum I've ever been to, and the only one I'm a member of? :icon_confused: I want to help and be an asset, I'm just need some clarification within these guideline and rules. I did however indicate that I've been away for quite sometime and don't understand some of the computer acronyms nor some of the computer lingo.:icon_eek: Even though when I was teaching and had to implement computers in the classroom and programming to me at least does not lend to the extent it is today. I've never been to a chat room, therefore I have no idea what there jar-gin:?: is. The point is. I am not suppose to ask for help regarding this forum or am I misunderstanding that rule.:icon_surprised::icon_question: I just want to help those whom are either totally lost and just beginning, intermediate, advanced, and everyone in between with their computer knowledge and the how-to's. I do appreciate, that every time I come back, I am seeing more and more easier ways to post a thread, start a thread, and so forth. Thank you for the smiles. I was doing it the hard way by entering the codes. I want to thank all of you whom are aiding the ability to see what was missing. Probably the Moderators and Super Moderators. Thank you. :) Maybe it's just the fact, the more I visit, and contribute, the more privileges are given to me in all of this.? The reason why I say thank you so much is because I know there is a great deal of difficult, tedious, detailed, (Plus more extensive) work. When no one, or hardly anyone shows a bit of gratitude, especially in the times we are living in; one might think no one appreciates what we do here; thus making one feel there not making a positive impact. That is simply not right. I know that it would lift up my spirits to be thanked and appreciated. Even from little o' me, thank you, for all your guidance. Thanks just doesn't sound right.

Salutations from E.G.

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I received a bunch of emails yesterday (Thursday) dating back about 4 or 5 days.

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I'm sure Davey (HappyGeek) or Dani herself (cscgal) will answer all of your questions and reply to all of your statements as above.

From my side, thank you for pointing it out, we will most surely appreciate your help where you can in the respective forums.:)

Re: Re: Late e-mail

Thank you AndreRet for the encouragement. I'm sure that HappyGeek or Dani herself will help to answer these question. I appreciate the notation you left. I'm sure that I can help in more forums, I'm finding that the programing languages that I'm familiar with are coming back now. There were many. The more I get used to Dani-Web and questions answered, the more that I'll be enabled to do so, thus becoming more of an asset to all. I've never hijacked someones thread. I now realized that I was wrong in the definition of hijacking a thread in the context they are speaking of. I'll type it down later. I get a laugh out of it, laughing at myself, and will pass it on so that others can get a good laugh. Laughter is good medicine for the heart. Thank you again :)

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I guess I'm confused by the questions you are asking specifically. The more time you spend on DaniWeb, the more familiar you will be with all of our features. I'm not sure what happened with regards to the email though :(

I received a bunch of emails yesterday (Thursday) dating back about 4 or 5 days.

OK getting blud's attention.

*The haunted mailserver strikes again!*

I must say, my mails is downloading fine. Never had the problem....

Re: Re: Late e-mail.

Thank you very much for answering my late e-mail question. With the combination of the answers given, sometimes it can be hit and miss so to speak. Yes, it could be the haunted mail server strikes again Nick Evan. Good quote & one of the reasons it could have happened.
My e-mail was late by 1 month and 3 weeks. I do several checks of test mails to myself to see if it is working correctly. In this particular e-mail were the new rules for Dani-Web. Only some of the rules need to be clarified for me. First, am I allowed to ask members, moderators, or super moderators questions? I was specifically wanting to know how to use some of these function in my control panels section, where my whole profile is, the settings, and more. Mostly my questions would be how do I do I send an instant message? One example. Where would I type out a tutorial and in what section at Dani-Web? (Since I've dealt with all age groups with various experience; depending on their computer knowledge; are there more specific places to type them? I do not want to put down every single question right now otherwise this would end up becoming a biography. ;) Just basic questions about navigating to the correct place to put a thread or post. Not that I would do this, but what if I mistakenly type chat-room talk, not knowing what there lingo or jar-gin is in today's world? I've never been to one. Thank you Cs gal for notating the fact that I Didn't make it clear, more direct or specific with my questions. How can a join a group? Am I allowed to join more than one? Once I join one, do I have to wait to be accepted into that group in the Community Center or would I be automatically permitted to join that group? Cs gal what I see now in my control panels and the settings within, I did not see them until recently. That is why I was confused, because it wasn't there up until recently. I know that sometimes people have to view the web page Instead of their e-mail; in order to read exactly how it was written; before we are navigated to that proper page of response. These are what I commend you all on, because it is one of many difficult task that must be implemented to enable everyone at Dani-Web to navigate to the proper places they need to be. CS CGal, I am intellectually comforted, knowing that there are other Computer Science Gals like you here. In no way do I compare myself to you, I've been away too long, and appreciate and respect young ladies like you whom have a detailed, analytical mind/minds like I do.+++To the Queen! Now I don't feel like an odd ball. Thanking all of the Moderators & Super Moderators! +++:)
Thank you Crunchy, you helped in answering my question with the late e-mail also. Yes, not everything can work out perfectly for so many members. A delay that was probably sent to you right away & thunk, crash, boom, you ended up receiving all of them at the same time. It sprung out all at once, like one of my threads did. Might I add that you have an awesome system. I can see that you have customized it to your liking and I see other features that are :.# ingenious.
Thank you again AndreRet, I'll be posting a thread to you especially for answering twice, which is nice :). Oh no starting to rhyme again. Thank you for taking the time out.
I will mark the thread as answered, after a response to the clarification of the few questions I have are answered. I'll ask a private question because it's personal & on my end not yours not responding to certain threads. If investigated, I think you would understand why I could not.
Anyways it's late, Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it, greatly! :)
I will type what I thought hijacking a thread was, for all of you to get a good laugh. Life is too serious at times and we all need to lighten up, relax, and unwind with our quirkiness. To be ourselves.:D :P :)
Salutations from Agapelove68 EG

Tip: Try breaking your posts into logical paragraphs and adding additional line breaks for better readability. The way it is written as of now, it seems like a big "wall of text". :-)

commented: Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Good advise. +0

Thank you again AndreRet, I'll be posting a thread to you especially for answering twice, which is nice . Oh no starting to rhyme again. Thank you for taking the time out.

Only a pleasure.:)

RE: RE: Late e-mail. Thank you ~Sos~ for responding to this thread. I did put them into paragraphs, also tab spaces five for indentation, and spaced in between my paragraphs. Once it posted, it didn't space out as I typed it, nor did it do what I've already previously explained in the above.
* I had specific questions in those threads that haven't been answered. Which was one of my questions. For now on I'll just put an * or other symbols in between. Even though my questions have not been answered, I'll mark this one as solved. Start a new thread in the specific questions I have.***
Thank you again ~SoS~ for the advise. I love you saying that's above about happiness.

RE: RE: Late e-mail. Quote "Only a pleasure.":) Thank you AndreRet. Wow, you answered a third time?!:)+++That was really sweet of you to compliment me, I appreciate it very much so.
*****I love poetry and sometimes, when I'm at ease and relaxed; that silly, funny, outgoing personality comes out; with a bit of intellect. :0 I can't help it, I don't do it on purpose, but, it seems to flow right out of me unto the page. Then I realized I put down a catchy phrase with a rhyme in it. So I poke fun at myself for doing so. Everyone needs a good laugh. Maybe that saying will become a part of me. "Laughter is good medicine for the heart." But add the antithesis of the result of no laughter, then end it with a positive notation. Oh, oh watch out it might rhyme. Just kidding, but maybe it will. Who knows...
*****I'll put this down as solved, but in lue of that, I'll actually re-ask the questions that I had regarding that e-mail: a clarification of the rules and the questions I have within those new rules. But I'll start a new thread, in the feed back section specifically asking the question I have. But I wanted to make sure I didn't leave anyone else out that replied to this thread, such as you. When I came here, I found that there were more than one response, and I'll do my best to acknowledge them.
Thank you again AndreRet for you compliments this encourages me to share those talents, gifts, and knowledge with others whom need it.
*****I just want to help others, be more of an asset to Dani-Web, but without breaking the rules. Sounds good? Great! Thank you, again, three were on a spree, Oh, oh, not again. :)

again, three were on a spree, Oh, oh, not again.

:DSeems when its flowing, it really is flowing...;)

commented: For responding four times and the encouragement. Belated congrats++ on Member of the month! +0

Re: Re: Late e-mail.

Yes AndreRet, it does. ; :D Sorry, I got lost & was trying to get to your reply. Number four I'm rolling on the floor. ; :P, I'm laughing! Any ways thank you again! It's late and I have a date. Oh, oh. Goodnight sweetie :)
*****I'll be back. I'm in my 40's & it's past my bedtime. Just kidding, but it's late, I don't want to leave. But I need to rest. Yawn.
Thank you again.