Hi there, I am starting the final year of my BSc Honurs Computing degree in September and I am currently on my work placement doing programming. The company I work for holds many events and always require websites for these events so..

Talking to my Lecturers I had suggested to implement a system that assists with these sites i.e. To make it easy for anyone with no programming experience to build the site as and when required. This would be ideal for when any technical staff are sick or on holidays and also to speed things up and make it more productive. The languages I am going to use are HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and SQL.

I was thinking about something similar to the likes of freewebs but obviously my own version and not so many features. It will be custom made for the company.

My line of thinking is: To design the website based system that will prompt the user for the number of pages to be created and the titles. It will then ask for the content to be pasted in and hopefully I can get a template to arrange the whole content to make a webpage in a simple few steps.


I am not 100% sure what the best way to go about this will be and was hoping that someone will be able to pose some ideas on what they think and perhaps what ways to design and implement this system.

Your feedback is very much valued and I am only asking for ideas on how to design this and any good ideas that may be useful to me.

If anyone is as kind to give their thoughts or help I thank you in advance and appreciate your input.

I have already started my actual writeup process so I am trying to get as much done before the start of term.

All the best, and thanks again

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I would make a base page, containing the basic html setup (html, head, body, links to css, etc.). The body of this page can be another template, based on the kind of content you want to show. Assuming you want more than one type of page.

In your back-end, you'd choose the content template, and fill in the parts needed.

Your front-end can get the page from the database, check the content-type, and get additional information for the page based on it's type, merge the templates, and show the page.

Thats great Pritaeas, thanks for your help on this

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