Have been reading about the facebook commenting API for a few days now. Sites like Techcrunch have gone ahead and implemented the feature. I tried imagining if it will make sense for a forum like Daniweb to enable facebook commenting ? To me it seemed that it will not make much sense for Daniweb to do this as this is a forum to get answers and much different from a site like Techcrunch. Moreover anonyimity is probably something that is liked by the members here and they are remembered by their daniweb avtaars, signatures and offcourse their unique and interesting daniweb usernames. What do you guys think about the idea of enabling facebook comments on daniweb ?

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I think it is most appropriate for sites that don't already have their own elaborate commenting systems or form of UGC, like forums do.

I agree with Agni:

In the first place, DaniWeb is a place where people search for tech advise or programming solutions. If someone has anything to say, they'll say it by posting a reply to the thread. There's no need to implement a Facebook Commenting API.

Second, Anonymity is a very important part of the DaniWeb society, where members choose to present themselves personally just to those they "trust" or "get along with".

Having said that, Do you guys think that allowing facebook comments for sections like 'News Stories' will make it easy for non-members to interact with daniweb writers and members ? May be some of them then become members to take a greater part.

That would be like having two separate login systems on the site. You can use one set of username/password to post in some places, and a separate set to post in other places. Additionally, the two systems would not effectively be able to work together. (Avatar, signature, etc. in one, Facebook account required in another, etc) Members who choose to block comments by a certain profile by setting up their ignore list wouldn't work across the whole site. Moderators wouldn't be able to delete comments because they wouldn't be tied to DaniWeb's user profiles, etc. Mods wouldn't be able to issue infractions, etc.

I guess there is the 'Register with Facebook' system that allows new members to bypass the registration form by just logging in for the first time with their Facebook info, and a new member profile is automatically created for them.