Hey folks, I've noticed for a while now that I have not been getting my daily updates via email for forums that I subscribe to. The only exception is Geek's Lounge. I've subscribed to a number of forums and chose to receive a daily email but for some reason nada, nothing, only geek's lounge daily, that's it.

I've alerted Dani about this but she cannot reproduce the problem if it's only affecting me. Is there anyone else out there having the same issue?

By the way, it has nothing to do with the delayed email alert that many of you are getting lately. This has affected me for a while, I don't get the emails at all.

Maybe your name and email has been banned.;)

I did not experience the problem, only the delayed mails. I have noticed that i do not receive all the mails if there was a few replies, only the one directly after my reply. I then have to scroll or load the last page in some instances. Don't know if it is normal, or maybe part of your problem....

maybe you're right, maybe Dani banned me ;)
all I can say is 'i can haz won moar chance pleez?'

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all I can say is 'i can haz won moar chance pleez?'

Done!, but this WILL be the last time. Next time you sweep the floors as well as make coffee in the office, UNDERSTOOD!:)

Its good to have a bit of a laugh in the morning.:)

Was your problem solved though?