Please delete this account as i never use it anymore. The website does not allow me to delete it. Thank you very much!

Apologies, but DaniWeb does not delete accounts. Please refer to the Acceptable Usage Policy here.

"To comply with federal anti-spam guidelines, DaniWeb stores the registration email address, current email address, all IP addresses used to register with and post, date of registration, and date last visited of all members as confirmation and proof of opt-in status. DaniWeb's policy is to permanently maintain all registration records."

Strictly speaking, that clause has nothing to do with deleting an account. You're talking about maintaining records of your transactions with members. That's reasonable - you don't delete from the database, you mark something as deleted. But that doesn't mean you can't delete an account - you just have to determine and implement the semantics of "delete" when applied to a membership.

Davey used our default response because we VERY often get email requests to "remove my information from your database". That being said, we don't remove user profiles because they are associated with posts, private messages, etc., and therefore doing so would result in confusion and frustration for other community members.

However, we will remove all sensitive/personal information from member profiles, opt the member out from receiving any email from us, and reset their password ... Therefore, they will essentially no longer have an active account with us, and there will be no identifiable information within their (now-anonymous) member profile.

Gotcha. Save yourselves some time and trouble if you bundle all of that functionality and put it under a delete button on the account management page - but it's your time and trouble, use it as you like. :)

We don't do anything that a member isn't capable of doing themselves.

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So how exactly do I go about making my never used account anonymous/deleted?

You don't. If you've never used it, why must it be deleted? Just let it stagnate.

If you don't like getting mail from Daniweb just go ahead and set your email on that account to something like "". I don't know who larry is, but he won't mind getting your daniweb updates, and you won't care because you won't be getting them. :)

commented: I think changing it to jon.kiparsky(at) would be a better idea. I know Larry and he doesn't want your email +0

we do not delete accounts, but you can go to your control panel and toggle off all the options to receive notification emails etc. You can also edit your user profile to remove any personal info. Then just don't login again.