Dear All, Please Help me,

An E-mail was automatically sent to all contacts that were added in my accounts, That e-mail contain a malicious link inside it. I also received this e-mail on my yahoo account because my yahoo ID was also added in contacts of my AOL id, I have changed the password now.But i want to know How this e-mail was sent? Some of the things are that i want to explain...

1. This e-mail was sent when i was online
2. This e-mail was sent with my orignal name "name removed by Admin for safety" However in my AOL ID, i have used a fake name instead of orignal.
3. I haven't told my this ID to someone, I use that ID only for Online Newsletters Receiving. (I always use my Orignal name "name removed for safety by Admin" while Subscribing newsletters or giving comments)
4. The link that was sent in e-mail was malicious and My Antivirus (Trend Micro PC Cilin) detect it as malicious, so it is not possible that i visited that website...
So how is it possible that someone hacked my account?

Please Tell me that hoe someone has hacked my account so in future i will be carefull.

Thanks in Advance

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You ARE aware I hope that you have posted your actual name, if this IS your actual name, in your thread on a public, open forum. I have edited your post and removed it.

You say in your post
"(I always use my Orignal name "xxxxxx" while Subscribing newsletters or giving comments)". This means you are putting your name out there for the World to see. Do a google search for this and you will receive thousands of links bearing this name.
It is very likely that somebody has hacked your account or hacked your computer entirely.
If it is a webmail only, accessed via the browser, then it is probable the account itself was hacked. Email Hackers have only one job, hack email accounts in order to do exactly as they have done with yours in order to spread their malicious programs, files, websites to others. They are very patient and can sit for days trying various letter and number combinations until they get a "hit" of a legitimate account name, once they do that then they work on hacking the password in much the same way. Once they have both then it is "game on". "Professional" hackers don't do this manually, they use specific programs to do this for them.

If this email was sent through an email PROGRAM installed on the computer then your computer itself has been hacked and hijacked and you should most definitely follow all the steps given in our Read Me Sticky
and post right back here with all the requested logs.
You may have been lucky since the infected mail was also sent back to you and your AV program caught it, it's likely there were some other people on your contact list were not so lucky. Not everyone takes proper security precautions, plus remember too, others, seeing the email was from you and they know you then they very likely may have opened the mail and infected their computers.

Thanks These Tools were great...

After using these tools and after seeing the results i found a Keylogger in my PC. Now i know that how these emails are sent

Thanks These Tools were great...

After using these tools and after seeing the results i found a Keylogger in my PC. Now i know that how these emails are sent

You did NOT follow instructions given in the Read Me sticky which clearly state to post back here with all the logs. For your sake I do hope the computer is clean but there is a chance it is not.

I doubt that he ran them.

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