I have a fresh installed w7 64bit(previously 32bit) for my laptop. At first I can download any files for both firefox 3.6.13 and ie 8. However, with a couple of w7 updates I was unable to download any files from both browsers. What I did is go to system restore to isolate the issue turn off the w7 update and back to normal for ie8 however i notice that firefox is the same (it auto delete, observe that on a bigger mb see the temp file then after completion removed). Since I can move on with ie 8 which can only download after a reboot both now cannot download any file from any site even a right click save as.

Help me please this is been an issue for me for window 7.

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This is not normal windows behviour. What antivirus and antimalware software have you got and have you done full scans with them recently? Did they find anything? If so, what?


i have nod32 on it and i try uninstalling the av however issue is still there.. :(


w bit defender...i have resolve for firefox by editing a config but issue still exists with ie..

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