Scroll down to any of my posts with code. They don't have that nice numbering and highling everyone else's has. I wrote my code in a text editor, copied it to the post, highlighted it, then clicked "Code". I feel pretty confident I didn't click "Inline Code". Anyway, it shows up without the numbers and formatting. I didn't bother with the Markdown because I thought that was what the GUI was for. Am I doing something wrong?

Just looked at my posts. Now they have the formatting! Unless I'm going crazy, they did not have that when I first posted. Is there a time lag? If so, is there a way to preview how the post will look before posting?

That part of the post doesn't refresh through AJAX, so you'll need to refresh the whole page to see the code highlighting after submitting.

The Javascript-based code formatter that we use doesn't work on-the-fly (i.e. before a page refresh). Since our reply box and live edit are both on-the-fly, they don't work.