It seems to me that about the same time that the buttons (Code, Bold, etc) stopped working, the reply box stopped allowing to select text.
I've tested with IE and it works as expected, but in Chrome it appears that I can't select any of the text I've just typed.
To be more accurate I can select but it get de-selected right away. Same thing happens when selecting with mouse, shift + , shift + ctrl + arrows, shift + home, shift+end,etc. Ctrl + delete or Ctrl + backspace works fine.
It's not a huge issue, as I mostly need it when writting code and then trying to insert it into "code tags" or format or what you call it nowadays.

What operating system are you using? I'm running Chrome on Windows 7 64-bit and selection seems to work as expected.

Windows 7 32-bit, Chrome version 19.0.1084.46 with only extension Better Pop Up Blocker 2.1.6, in which daniweb is in the white list.

I"m not able to duplicate this. :(

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That's really odd. I'm on W7/Chrome. Does this happen in all wysiwyg editors?
What about clearing cache?

Cleared cache, still same issue appears.
I can select text for example from search or when double clicking in somebody's code, I just can't select when replying or when creating a new thread (this one in particular).

I've tried also disabling the Better Pop Up Blocker, no luck.

In fact I can't select code in the "Insert Code Snippet" prompt either.

I wonder if this is related to the Firefox crashing issues that happened all around the same time.

Since I am apparently the only one having this issue, I've starting testing and found out that when I close a "process" called GPU Process in Chrome's task manager, then I can select just fine. If I restart chrome, this GPU Process starts and I can't select again.
Googling GPU Process, I've found "The GPU process is a process used only when Chrome is displaying GPU-accelerated content. In Chrome 9, you will see GPU process activity on pages with WebGL content, otherwise, it will stay at 0% usage." it is not using my processor, but 13,2 MBs of memory.
Off to more google.
Thanks for the help guys.

Hmm ... I wonder if this really is related to the Firefox crashing issues then. We do that fading animation now with the ads. Maybe the web browsers feel that is GPU-intensive?

Can you do me a favor? Can you disable ads in your member profile, and tell me if you're still having the issue.

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I've turned on the adverts / close browser + open and tried to replicate the issue with what I assume to be a similar setup W7/Chrome (19.0.1084.46 m) - but no luck. GPU Process was running with me at 14k too.

I triggered the fades on adverts before going to the editor - no problem. Mind you I find that fade over a little disconcerting now. I didn't think it was that bas when I had a quick look, but my mouse made a few beelines towards those ads... Good job I'm not epileptic.

The fade effect has been disabled since early yesterday, so I'm a bit confused what you mean.

The fade effect has been disabled since early yesterday,

Oh really ?? Everything still fades when the mouse hovers over an ad on Chrom.

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Yep, flick, flick, flick . Like an old time slide projector. :)

The fade animation is gone, but the dim effect remains.

Got no luck disabling the ads and restarting Chrome.
I've been messing with some "flags" in chrome://flags (despite all the warnings against it) and everynow and then it would appear to work, but after restarting Chrome once more just to be sure it would still start all over again.
Unfortunatelly today I can't select text despite killing GPU Process.

I'll try to uninstall and re-install Chrome and let you know how that works.

Edit: Nope, that didn't work either and again after closing GPU Process I still can't select.

And it gets even more weird: Accidentaly I discovered that if I refresh the page (F5) this doesn't happen anymore in that page (in all controls like the reply box, the code pop-up, the comments box).
So if you get the same behavior I get with chrome, refresh before replying and you'll be good to go.

Wait, huh??

That was my initial reaction, but it works!!
I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my opening multiple tabs to navigate to the categories & articles I'm interested in, instead of opening them one after the other. (I don't have enough patience to try it)

Edit: Nope, closed & reopened chrome and without opening lots of tabs I tried replying to something with the same effect. When I refreshed it worked, so :S

So you can't select text unless you refresh the page?

I can select text, but not in the reply/post box or in the Vote&Comment box. If it's part of an article I can select.

So you can't type in the editor and then select the text you type? I'm very confused, I'm sorry.

Try disabling ads in your member profile and let me know if you still experience the problem. A lot of the ads do a lot of fancy things with Javascript, and there's the potential of it interfering with javascript on the site.