Why are Databases listed under Web development? and not out on their own?

I've seen plenty of Database issue listed under Software development

I've wondered that as well, but if it were in Software Development I'm sure someone would ask why there's not a database subforum in Web Development. ;)

Anyway, my conclusion was that it's just an artifact of history where Dani simply chose to put that subforum there instead of somewhere equally valid.

Pretty much. And, at this point, as we move away from niche forums more towards tagging, I don't want to go the route of multiple database forums.

Would it add value to have "Databases" listed in each major category, but both listing point to the same location: "/web-development/databases/16". I generally do not follow the "Software Development" category, but can contribute to Database postings so I only see the ones that members post when they find it under Web Development, I assume...

I think that having multiple categories point to the same page would just add to the confusion of navigation. That's why I'm starting to really prefer the tag system. ;)

Hmmm... all valid points but the thing is with databases, theres the programming / querying aspect (web and Software Development) , the setting them up, and then things like tuning them up for efficiency.

I just wondered why it didn't have it's own category really.

BTW it's not a criticisim - just curious!