When I hit the Edit button and start editing a post can you get rid of the Reply To This Article button because its confusing to have two buttons that do about the same thing (Reply and Save Changes). I expect the button I need to press to be the last one on the screen, not somewhere in the middle of the screen with other editors/buttons below it.

I'm confused what you mean. You mean you want the Quick Reply to go away when you edit a post?

yes, that is what I mean. Its confusing to have both active at the same time.

That's how it was in the old system? In fact, that's kinda how it is in all CMS and forum systems?

Quess it is not common usage scenario, but actually you can have many edits of messages on same page of thread... sorry article.... open simultanously. But how about kind of your advert fade out style dimming of other parts of window when editing is in process?