Has anyone notice how much members we got on daniweb? Mine currently shows 1,004,528 members. Anyway, it's a great deal to have 1000000 members on a website. Keep it going Daniweb. :D

In my defence, my topic celebrates daniweb having over 1,000,000 members and not as much as hitting the 1000000 number, even thou I kinda "hit" on that ideea as well.

I know that other thread as before reading it I started a thread of the situation then in Moderators forum called "999'999 members!" ;-)

Either ways, it's the comunity feedback forum, it's a nice number, and it would be a shame to be noticed by few. But as you can easilly see, your thread an the other one can be easilly updated because you celebrated exact numbers, you, tony 999999 and the other guy 1000000, whereas mine is infinitly accurate. Heh :-)

Yours was only accurate for a minute or two... ;)