I would like to see a forum dedicated to UX/UI design.

I know that a good application or website performs its job exceptionally well and the look and feel of the application doesn't affect, or shouldn't affect it's performance. But come on! It does.

UX/UI design is more than just the color to use for a background and putting pretty pictures on the splash screen, it's also setting tab order, laying out controls in an easy to read and scannable fashion. It also encompasses when to use a new form compared to changing panel contents or when to open a new browser window or instead refresh an iframe. UX/UI design is a science...no really it is! Companies spend boatloads of cash on studies following eye movement of computer users, surveys, and publishing internal and public guidelines.

Having a high performance application with awesome speed and no bugs (I'm talking in a perfect world here) but having a poorly designed UI is like putting the body of a Cessna 175 on a MD F-15 Eagle Fighter Jet Engine. It doesn't work.

I would suggest that the design forums be separated by Desktop Applications and Web Applications because mashing them together into one forum is just going to cause confusion and they really are two different beasts.

DaniWeb is a great community, and is a place I love going to chat, get ideas and share ideas. But some of us, me included, are pretty good with the development part of applications. Writing code is easy for me, and fun, but when it comes to the design surface, and creating the UX/UI...I fail. My brain doesn't work that way, and having a place to bounce ideas off of others who are good at UX/UI design would be awesome!

Just my 2c worth.

Get a lot of threads on the topic first, so there is a reason to add new (sub)forums. Apart from that, put them in Web Design, HTML and CSS and tag them accordingly.

Unfortunately with forums, it's not true that build it and they will come. If we went ahead and created a new forum, that new forum would remain empty. As pritaeas says, our Web Design forum is most appropriate here (although I understand that you might not be talking about web-based applications at all). Maybe even the top level Software Development category.

The idea with the tagging system are that there are an infinite number of possibilities ... tag something with ui-design in the top level Software Dev category, for example.

New forums will be added upon seeing extreme interest in them, but the tagging system has pretty much taken over the old-style forum structure.

Let me refresh this topic: Sadly its true - build and they will surely come. You will have total mess otherwise.

If that were the case, anyone who created a quality site would always see immediate success with it.

@Dani - thats not always true. Take ACPL as an example - they created what they think is gonna be super user-quality website, and what? they closed down recently.....

and there is many more examples.

Exactly, that's what I'm saying. It's not true that if you build something great, they will surely come.