I just want to be clear from the Daniweb moderators that I'm new here and had been banned for some days and now greatful to the authority that they've again allowed me to contribute to this community. Anyway, I would be glad if you let me know about how can I add my favorite link in new thread and replies or not. The reason is I've noticed someone adding link to their post but probably I was banned for adding my favorite link. Thanks.

Adding your company link in your signature is allowed. You can edit it in "Edit Profile".

Adding a 'favourite link' to everything posted is, if you think about it, just spam. Links are allowed in your signature, but read the rules about ensuring your posts have substance and are in context rather than just being vehicles to promote that signature. Likewise, links are allowed in posts of they are genuinely helpful in the context of the thread (answering a question, providing help etc) rather than just being used as an opportunity to plug something you are connected with. It really isn't that difficult to grasp, to be honest, and the vast majority of members do get it. As I said when I unbanned you, make sure you read and absorb the rules and you will be welcomed into the community here with open arms Kamrul.