The title says it all. I switched to Opera for some reason but i m trying to paste some code from vs2012 to this area overhere and I m unable to do that. Any ideas? Should I enable something in my settings? I m having the latest version.
I assume this post should be somewhere else but i couldnt find a better thread to post it.

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What happens if you click in the textbox and press Ctrl+V?

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I'm not an Opera fan and I really don't want to have to install it. Can someone else please confirm this bug before I'm forced to see for myself?

I'm unable to reproduce the vaguely stated problem on Opera. Can you provide precise reproduction steps?

For example, here where I m writting now i can not paste any text no matter where i copy it from earlier. Also if I go to the code section to insert code I can not paste as well, neither can I copy from this area where I m writting. I ve enabled a few things in the browser (the clipboard) but still can not copy or paste.

Do you have any extensions or non-standard toolbars enabled on your browser? I've been test with a relatively clean install of Opera (as it's not my main broser), and usually issues like this are caused by some conflicting extension or running program.

That said, while Dani may not run Daniweb through the gamut of browsers, I do. And I've make sure that all of the big name desktop browsers don't have obvious reproducible issues. ;) However, there are so many variables involved it's difficult to test exhaustively.

I test in IE 9, IE 10, Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7 and Windows 8, in Chrome and Safari on OS X, and in Safari on an iPad. I used to test in Opera but I had issues with it awhile back and I haven't reinstalled it since reformatting (and would prefer not to). However, our current design was tested in Opera before I reformatted.

As mentioned, I'm open to installing it if I could get someone else to vouch there's an issue going on and this isn't an isolated case due to browser extensions.

Be specific about what you have done exactly. I'm unable to reproduce this.

What happens if you click in the textbox and press Ctrl+V?

i feel a little bit stupid now, but yes ctrl V does solve my problem. I m sorry about that but it s just that i never use the keyboard for such action I always go with my mouse.