Hi there!

Im studying web aplication development and I was looking arround the Internet for information about game development in browsers as im interested in that area, however, I didn't found much that could help me advance in this so I decided to ask in this forum in order to get some good responses and information.

So I have been told that the best tecnology for making browser games is Flash, wich uses ActionScript 3 if im not mistaken, so here are some questions:

-Is this the best way to do it?
-Is it the only way?
-What would be important aspects to consider?
-Are there better solutions?

I have been looking arround and I've seen that I also need knowledge in transfer protocols and sockets in order to make it multiplayer, as I have no idea about this:

-What do I need to conect a group of users together in the same game?

In general I just want information about all I need for the development of an multiplayer browser game, as an example I would say a simple ping pong game (2 bars 1 ball) and 2 players 1 versus 1 would be good.

I have knowledge about Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, XML, XSL, XPATH, CSS and MYSQL.

Thanks in advance and sorry If my English is not perfect as it isn't my native language,


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Is this the best way to do it?

that would depend on several factors like resources, target audience, proposed project details, time allowance, etc.

For resources you'd need to have a platform where you can create the game like Flash CS series or macromedia which doesn't come cheap.

For a ping pong game it would be a bit easy to make, this project should be beginner friendly

I'd like to say more about other details but since I don't have know much info yet I'll leave it at this.

Is it the only way?

No since you learned Java you should be well aware of Java Applets (though not that abundant)
As of HTML5, CSS3 and javascript you could create pure web browser games that could do as much as flash and more with this you wouldn't have resource constraints like in flash where you should afford the platform though you do need to be aware for different browsers compatibility

You could do a web search of each and see for yourself their capabilities

What would be important aspects to consider?

I don't know how far have you've learned from other languages like Java but if you have experience creating a game with coordinates and threading for concurrency then it wouldn't be too hard (or too long ) to learn.

A good background on math (namely calculus) would help, for example coordinate based movements for AI, object physics and environment interaction.

As a side note:
In my experience it was the graphics that holded me down. you could say that no matter how well a game runs it wouldn't be worthwhile if the graphics are horrible, though not Flash related having a good designing experience would be a factor in game creation.

Are there better solutions?

Yes, but only if you're not comfortable with using flash you could try other ways like I mentioned before,. Give it a try and see if it's to your liking.

What do I need to conect a group of users together in the same game?

I'd suggest you research for tutorials about this with the language of your choice although if your using it with a language your not familiar with its gonna add more workload.

I haven't touch networking for games. I'm much more familiar with messaging and chat applications done in Erlang so sorry if I can't give more opinion about this.

I guess in general it shouldn't be a problem as long as you don't have a short deadline or something.

Ah I see, thanks a lot for this information zero, I apreciate it, I'll do what u said and search about html5, css3 and javascript :)

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