Having problem with looging in my server. Before it runs smoothly. While learning this system, I came accross the idea of exploring the contents of Microsoft SQL Server in Program Files. I found some exe files inside and tried to run them with the curiosity of what are those for, thinking developers will not put file that will ruin thier system :). The day after I can no longer log on to this server, I tried to troubleshoot it but ended up reinstalling the software. Error occured while installing, cannot continue due to sql browser could not start, I did some research and successfully installed it. Unluckilly still cant log in

A network-related or instance-specific error occured while establishing a connection to SQL Server.. etc. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error:2)

I checked Local Services, found sql browser automatic start up type but not starting. I tried starting it manually but another error occured

The SQL server Browser service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.

How can i fix this?, I reinstalled it many times but no luck. For now I cant reinstall it anymore for some reasons.

Thanks in advance

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Your going to need to uninstall SQL Server, clean out the registry entries for SQL server and then reinstall it to correct the issue.

I already did reinstalling it many times, even cleaning the registry. I even used back up of registry, roll back system recovery, used microsoft fix it portable but same results.

Any idea why?

Did you uninstall, clean the registry, and reboot then install as if new?

Yes I did, I even used the windows installation disk. Still Can't install it

How can i fix this?, I reinstalled it many times but no luck. For now I cant reinstall it anymore for some reasons.

Sorry for this, I can still uninstall the sql. What should I said is I can't reformat the unit anymore for some reasons

I found a way to fix it. For now SQL Browser is running. Hope it will not give me headache again
Thanks for those who helped

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