I've made a handful of changes to member profiles tonight. One of the changes I made was to include little blurbs below Reputation, Post Quality Score, Endorsements and Solved Threads explaining what those statistics mean. Do you think that now member profiles are too wordy and redundant? Is it more confusing and cluttered now, or are the descriptions useful?? Feedback much appreciated!! :)

Very nice, Dani. I was unsure about some of the stats and had to half-guess what they were. I'm sure lots of other people will find these useful! :)

why not a little [?] thing that you can click for a tooltip description

OK, I went ahead and took that suggestion, and I think it gives all the necessary information while staying clean.

However, the big thing I realized is that I had NO IDEA that these things were at all confusing. I really need you guys to let me know what things you didn't understand at first glance, so I can make everything more user-friendly for the newbies. I think it would be great to follow up with these little question marks anywhere where there might be some confusion ... so just tell me where ;)

No confusion here. It looks good to me.

I thought the first two sentences of Reputation tooltip was confusing at first -- didn't see the relevance of "Vote on posts. Leave a comment", but eventually realized that is telling us how reputation is changed by "Vote on posts AND leave a comment".

Thanks for the feedback. I think you guys are misunderstanding my question though. I'm asking, aside from member profiles, what else on the site has ever been confusing for you, and could benefit from little [?] icons?

I wish this feature existed when i first joined.... good feature :D