My weekend project = CVs in member profiles!! Check it out and submit yours!!!! :)

Do you mean curriculum vitae?
And: how can I submit it?

Very nice option for members Dani. After reading yours and Mike's though, I don't think I'll be doing anything with mine until I have a few more years experience under my belt.

A modest CV is better than no CV.

Davey, that's a link to the new CV feature within your member profile, but we take that a step further to create a whole new career profile for you (outside of your standard community member profile).

Yours is here:

You can see that, unlike your normal member profile, it's not aimed at other community members, but rather targeted towards outsiders to showcase your achievements at-a-glance both within the DaniWeb community as well as within your professional life. This is the page that your byline now links to for your editorial content, and we hope it's a page you would be proud to show off to future employers that would make more sense to them overall than your DaniWeb member profile. It is designed to give employers what they want -- which is a more unbiased understanding of who you are as a whole, with data (such as your rank out of one million members) and links to some of your more recent content to back it up, instead of just what you want them to read -- without all of the fluff targeted towards other DaniWeb community members. You'll notice it doesn't even have the standard DaniWeb header/footer.

Update!! There's now an Import from LinkedIn button on the Edit CV page. It imports everything from there, and plus, if you edit your LinkedIn, and then hit it again, it makes only the appropriate adjustments on our side.

I like the import from LinkedIn. A big ol +1 for that!

Thanks!! At around the time when I saw you imported yours, there was a bug related to dates, so I'm not sure if the dates imported correctly for you or if you had to correct those manually after import?

I thought there was a refresh problem as I changed some things on LinkedIn and those changes didn't take place for about 15 minutes here. Other than that I didn't notice problems.

Not sure what you're talking about, actually :) Changes you make to LinkedIn do not automatically carry over to DaniWeb. (This is done on purpose because not everyone wants to mirror their DaniWeb exactly ... some might just want to use the import feature as a baseline.)

However, once you've imported, you can click the import button again from time to time to retrieve the latest LinkedIn updates.

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