As you may know, I've been putting a lot of work into the DaniPad website @ over the past few days. Because DaniPad accepts credit cards, I had to go ahead and get an SSL certificate and optimize the site for https:// over http://

While doing so, I've gone ahead and set up DaniWeb's registration, login and edit profile pages to be secure as well.

Hope 'your new web site' bristols with bright business. Are you thinking of franchises yet ... like one near Toronto Ontario Canada area :)

Best regards,

David W Zavitz

P.S. I noticed your student programming (C/C++, etc.) help site ... some years ago ... but it was only last summer that I thought about becomming a contributer ... especially after I read something about, how the changes with Google search engine, really ... 'hit your hits' hard. I also ... used to be always (within 2 or 3 Google links from) the top of Google page one ... if the key words ... Beginnning Computer Programming ... were entered. But just now ... Google shows only one (indirect) link ... and it's now on Google page ten ... but I'm still at the top of page one ... on Bing :)

Thanks so much, David. And good luck with your own fight against Google! :)