I seem to be unable to login.

I rcieved an email saying I had got an endorsment so tried to login but it doesn't recognise my password.
I have tried to reset my password 3 times now. I get an email with a link to click, but when I do I am redirected to an 'oops' page sying you don't know who I am.

Just to make this post I have had to register a new account (with a different email address).

Any idea how I can get login?


Gah, I'm really sorry about that!! I was able to duplicate that problem yesterday, but it was due to a typo in my code (or so I thought) and I was under the impression the problem was fixed.

I'm going to go through the lost password steps and attempt to duplicate the behavior.

I'll shoot you an email resetting your password manually for you and then test it out, as well.

I've gone ahead and fixed the bug. Can you please try resetting your password yourself? I want to make sure that the process works as intended.

Im back :)

Whatever you did seems to have worked as hoped.

Thanks again.

Glad you got it sorted! Sorry about that.

You won't be able to login temporarily if you use Frequent Proxy server. Or, simply use forget password option & most probably it will help you.