I made a discussion question and I need to post it... but the system refuses... why?

I have a very good meta "keywords"in English language... Now I want to use more languages (five in number).
How do I use the meta Tag "keywords".
And In Title can I use more than one language?
Thank you...

Were you trying to set tags when you were trying to create a new thread? The problem is that new members can only reuse existing tags that have already been created by others in the system. I've gone ahead and disabled the input box for new members so it's less confusing.

Yes you're right... thank you it was the first time I use this site and I made those mistakes

No, it's our fault. You shed light that the system wasn't ideally designed, because you're not the first person who made that mistake.

I'm giving you my full trust to advaced and make it the top...