I posted a rather lengthy tutorial a week or so ago on embedding Windows Media Player in a vb.net app to build a video library. I don't see it in the vb.net tutorial section anymore. Could somebody please look into this and put it back? I wanted to refer a new poster to it but when I went to get the link it wasn't there. I put a lot of work into it and I'd hate to think it has been deleted.

I found it here but for some reason it no longer appears as a tutorial. I think the same thing happened with a previous tutorial on backgroundworker threads.

Perhaps a non-admin changed something to it? Just a guess, because mods cannot (couldn't?) create tutorials, so if there was an edit, it might have been reverted to a thread.

I made it a tutorial again, but is it supposed to say

vb.net 2010
Windows Pro 7

at the top of it?? Perhaps that got accidentally added?

I added that after it was posted because I felt it was important to state the development environment I was using. I presume that by making the edit the category got switched from tutorial to article. How should changes be handled to avoid this?

Yes, that is what happened. And that is by design.

Tutorials must go through an editorial process to get listed as tutorials. When a non-editor makes a change, they must once again go through the editorial process.

Only Davey or myself have the ability to make changes to editorial, but it is highly discouraged in doing so. Many people read editorial articles just once, and don't expect there to be new information or an update present. Therefore, outside of typos and small changes, we discourage adding additional content or updates to existing editorial and instead recommend creating a version two or posting an update as a post.

This is especially true with news stories that get syndicated in Google News and throughout the web immediately after publication, and any changes will not be reflected in these places, and won't be seen by the majority of readers.

Good to know. If I want to add anything further I'll do it by adding a post in the thread.

Perfect. Thanks :)

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Ignore him Jim. Person has at least two accounts which are posting rubbish/inappropriate comments across forums, in one case the exact same post just with the product name changed but still bearing no relation to the thread it was posted in. Assume it/him/they are just trying to up the activity count until a signature facility is available to them...

Ah, but the signature facility is available right from day one. It's just that it will never show up if yo're not logged in.