I know I'm nothing but a member of this greatest community, but I would like to point out some of the thing I've experienced I won't talk for everyone because I maybe the only one experiencing it.

1) Can you guys please find a way to separate the two buttons which is 'Mark thread solved' and 'Stop watching this thread' I personally find it hard to select on as they are combined 'I think you will see this if you are using a BlackBerry to select one of these buttons.

2) The code formatting panel is not visible at all I'm not sure if it is visible to other mobile phones but on BlackBerry it is not visible.

3) The vote post up or down they are visible but can't be selected.

I'm not trying to make you change your style or anything just letting you know of these issues.

I didn't know where or how could I get hold of the Dani development team, I know someone knows will see this post and forward the message to the right people.

I thank you.

  1. I'll look into this. I don't believe I am able to reproduce this behavior on my iPhone, but I'll investigate some more.
  2. This is by design. Please visit http://www.daniweb.com/community/syntax for more information on formatting your post without use of the editor toolbar, which has many issues with mobile devices.
  3. Yes, confirmed. Will work on fixing this.

Thank you princess.

Sorry it's taking so long. I can't seem to reproduce the behavior on my iPhone and I don't have access to an Android or Blackberry.

Ok take your time. Please do keep me updated when you have find a way of solving those problems.

I have had a look on a Nexus 7 (2013) running Android (KitKat) and found the following:

  1. Buttons display OK.

  2. Post voting working OK.

Looks like 1 could be a Blackberry issue.

Post voting doesn't work on my iPhone or iPad and I don't know why not.

It never worked on my iPad, mentioned it a few times in the long distant past.

Mmm once I get access to a computer with an internet I will try to trace the post voting buttons so that I can confirm my suggestion that can be done because I've thought of something but first I need to find out how the current post voting buttons are made. I will post back with my findings.

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Is it time to develop long awaited native apps? Only half-serious. Mouseless devices are sooo frustrating when trying to format posts, but I don't see how this could be improved. A lot of sites don't respond correctly on my iPad, often issues to do with custom js widgets, like draggable range finders. I used to peruse DW on a BB a few years ago, but trying to contribute with it was a complete nightmare. Sorry, that sounded like a whinge, didn't mean it to be.

Diafol, the mobile experience has dramatically increase over the past year ... or at least, I hope it has.

Mr. M, were you able to figure out why the voting buttons don't work? I'm going to post a thread about it because I'm completely stuck.

I will check it tomorrow because that when I will be able to get access to a computer with an internet connection then I will post back my findings

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Ok I've just checked the voting buttons and I think you should find a way to make these buttons images and go with the old HTML approach not the entire site but only these buttons.

1) Force these to be the links by that way it will be enable to all the devices but the "vote on post with comment that will depend on the browser the client is using and also his/her phone if it support the javascript so that the comment box will popup but the alternative way is to use the <href> technique so that those pictures will turnout to be links which will be visible to any phone as I've stated.

2) Or you can code it exactely as how you've coded the Mark Question Solved and Stop Watching this Article, the same thing i think will apply which is the the browser dependence of vote post with comment which will also depends on the clients phone if it support javascripting or not.

This is what I've thought after a closer look on these components on this site.

Hi Mr. M,

Thanks for looking into it!! :) I actually posted a thread about it and got the problem figured out.

As you suggest, they aren't being considered links like all of the other elements are. The problem ended up being a very simple CSS fix, which was more of a typo than anything. Live 'n' learn!!!

Thanks again.

I'm glad if that problem has been solved. I also tried to look at the 'Mark Question solved' and 'Stop watching this thread' button to figure out why on BlackBerry the buttons are attached to each other which makes it really hard to mark the post solved sometimes when I try to mark the question solve it just select the stop watching, but then as I was more into the up/down voting buttons I ended up couldn't check properly on why this is happening.

I've spotted this problem on BlackBerry 9300 with Opera Min, I tried to use the RIM browser but it just crash while I try to login because it says the page is too large.

That's a CSS bug on the part of those mobile browsers.

True, I've just managed to open daniweb on RIM browser and everything is fine as if I'm using a computer including the mark and stop buttons are not attached to each other, I think the problem is with my Opera Min browser as I eexperience this problem only on it. I will have to change to another better browser which will support my phone. I will then mark this question solved. Thanks again to everyone who had an input and helped solve the problems that were stated.