I have changed my email address due to issues with spam filtering. I have changed my email through the 'edit profile' tab but the notifications of post replys arnt coming through. Is there a proper way to change the email that notifications go to?


That's the only way to do it. Perhaps check your spam folder??

Thanks Dani,

And thankyou for making such a great site!

You're very welcome but now you have me wondering ... is our email not working correctly?

Well, I changed my email address and I am still recieving my email notifications on my old account not my new one which I changed to in the 'edit profile' page

That's really not possible. Are you sure you changed it?

Yeah I have, attached is a snapshot

Hmm ... I really have no clue what is going on :(

I dont know either, definatly not in my spam folder.

You make another email account and try for yourself

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The featured badge means that you were selected by happygeek to be featured as member of the month, and were interviewed for an issue.