I'm still having a problem when typing text in the edit box. When I get to the bottom of the edit box the text does not scroll to keep the cursor in view. The box expands to 20 lines and then the scroll bar appears, however, the scroll bar does not scroll as I type which means that I either have to enter a few blank lines, then scroll down, then cursor back up, or I have to manually drag the scroll bar down every time I start a new line. This is a problem in Chrome version Version 40.0.2214.111 m, but not in Firefox 35.0.1.

I'm sorry, I cannot reproduce this in the latest version of Chrome and Windows 8.

Same problem on Firefox 36.04 and Windows 8.1

Rev Jim, you're going to have to show this to me on your laptop when we meet up in a couple of weeks. I just can't reproduce it for anything.

It will likely continue to do this on my laptop until I reach Long Island ;-P.


Couldn't resist. FYI, I just tried to replicate the lost cursor bug in Spartan running in a VM. Couldn't do it. The edit box scrolls to keep the cursor in view.