Hi folks ! Since last year i started building website. Up til now i always used html css and javascript/jquery. Now i want to get into adobe photoshop. My question : Can i upload my existing html file into adobe photoshop for editing or is there any other way to edit my html file per adobe photoshop ? Andy how if its possible ? Thx for answers

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Why would you want to edit your HTML in a photo editor? It's not possible by the way, but how did you edit your HTML before then? Web designers do design website comps/mock-ups or assets in Photoshop and you could in the old days export your design to (bloated) HTML with it, but what you want is not done before :)

Or do you mean with 'editing' the content (text, images, etc.) of that HTML file?

Are you sure you mean Photoshop and not Dreamweaver? You can't edit a website in Photoshop, it's an image editor. Dreamweaver is a web development editor: you can open your site resources in it, view them in design view if desired, and edit them there. Though honestly, I find it less professional to use DW.

Photoshop should be used for designing your site, such as layout and graphics. But it's not a replacement for HTML & CSS. It's a way to visualize what you're going to code in HTML & CSS, and extract the graphics you're going to use.

After spending sometime with photoshop i see i was wrong , you were right its only for designs which i can include into my website

For development purposes, an IDE can give simplified coding, enabling you to see the immediate effects of code changes, many of them do produce tight code
Don't try a wysiwyg editor, output is ridiculous
Look at CoffeeCup Free html editor as a starting point, it speaks jquery
graduate from there to a simple notepad replacement, once you have a good grasp of the concepts and effects of the code, you can produce very good code, rapidly
Always keep everything that works:
most code, is another coding job re-used, over and over again

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