Dear pals,
I am using Virtual Box of Oracle in my Windows 7 pc for running Red Hat Enterprise server 6.1 . But When
I try to install using Yum i got error as below:


Please advise me fast . I am trying it for 2 days


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This appears to be a system configuration problem. The file /mnt/repodata/repmod.xml is either not available, not readable, or not writeable. In any case, normally, it would not be in /mnt, so I expect that you did something to alter the configuration of yum that caused this.

Since I don't find anything like this on my RHEL systems, I suspect that you may want to create the directory /mnt and try again. FWIW, what version of RHEL are you running?

Dear rubber,,
I am using Redhat Enterprise Server 6.1 . please advise my problem is still exist


Is your subscription up to date? If not, then you will need to install a free version such as CentOS, or update your support subscription.

hi dear Rubber,,
I don't know abt it . This copy of OS image is got from my collegue .
I think Oracle linux is enough for same . Is it ? Subscribe for free CD kit now , waiting for it

Please advise

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