As Dani is on hiatus from DaniWeb and does not make changes within its source code/implement new things, when (if ever) will sources of DaniWeb be made pubicly available on GitHub so people can freely modify it?

It won't. It's in-house software and stays that way. At least that's what was said a while ago.

Many in-house software packages are on GitHub and its ok, why DaniWeb should be any different?

If they jump off a bridge, will you too? Just because some do, doesn't mean they all will.

As Dani is on hiatus from DaniWeb

Says who??

and does not make changes within its source code/implement new things

Minor changes are made nearly every day, with larger changes coming a few times a month, as they have been ever since we switched off of vBulletin onto our proprietary solution in 2012.

This was said by you; you even started a article about being on hiatus.....

Yes, I went on a one week hiatus back in December.

Bad Dani, how dare you take such things as a "holiday" or a "hiatus"? [sarcasm]I don't know about everyone else here but you should work at least 17 hours per day, seven days per week, 52 weeks per year, UNTIL YOU DIE![/sarcasm]

Now that that is out of the way, I will send you a list of my demands for this site.

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Trolls will be trolls. Daniweb seems to be Woj's new pet project. Look out. :rolleyes:

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A is A and is not B. Same logic.

I don't understand what you mean. However, to answer your initial question, there are currently no plans to release DaniWeb's source code.

Never say never, but it is not a plan.