i signed up and donated to check out the marketplace today.

Most posts have only a few views and were posted months ago!
Why is the marketplace here so unpopular?

Am i missing something? I thought a forum with over 1 million members would have a killer marketplace!!
Maybe its time for DaniWeb to revive and breath life into their marketplace and shift their strategies...

I genuinely interested in the marketplace as they are such fantastic places to get traction for new products and services.

The marketplace was a huge spam magnet. Since the introduction of a donation for access... no more spam (nor posts).

And lo and behold Ryan is spamming us already!

hey im not spamming. I'm real and have an oppinion thank you very much.

commented: No he wasn't, he introduced himself where you are allowed to mention what you do, and he posted in show off your projects where ditto +0
commented: He was spamming on another thread as soon as he joined +0

why don't you make it between $30 to $100 to post a thread which then gets put into a moderation queue.

Doesn't paying for access consequently cull all the eyeballs on ads?

It seems like a missed opportunity for DaniWeb to let the marketplace decay when (i'm under the impression) the marketplace is the bread and butter for other forums.

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Well the Views (4 or 2 each for the first page of threads) doesn't bode well.

Aren't the views so low because people have to pay to view the marketplace?
Viewing the marketplace should be free.
Listing in the marketplace should be paid.

I remember Dani posting about this a while back. I think this was done to get rid of the spam while thinking about how to go forward with it.

Yep, that's my recollection. Webmaster Marketplace was just full of people posting web hosting adverts, and many of them were very suspiciously templated posts that all looked the same with slightly different business names - obviously some affiliate thing happening. End result was that the forum became a pointless spam trap.

Best leave it to Dani to answer your specific points though, as she is the business brains here. I just write editorial and kill spammers :)

Yeah its why you should increase the price of a thread and then moderate what goes up. There are plenty of forums that create great marketplaces, most of which manually moderate what gets through.

You can also set a high post / reputation threshold to limit marketplace thread applications as well.

Anyway I'll leave it to you guys.

I'm sure if you see it as an opportunity, you will bring the marketplace back.