Google already talks about using ATOM for the social hub in Google Analytics. Does Google also use in its search algorithm? How beneficial might it be? I know they put a lot of emphasis on microdata as of late but this is a different beast entirely.

Hey Dani, Yes, it's known to everyone that Google uses activity streams - a format for syndicating social activities, in their analytics. Also,Google Drive and Google Buzz are other Google services that uses Activity stream, as my mind is pointing these two.
I am not sure about that Google use in its search algorithm or not. But I think emeding it in analytics somewhat gives a signal to Google to give better search result.

As we know that An activity stream is a list of recent activities performed by an individual, typically on a single website. can be used to organize internal communication in companies and can be used to unify the social networking.

Well I just added a link to our activity stream to the <head> of our pages, so let's see if Google catches on and crawls it. I should probably add some analytics to the darn thing ;)

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