In fact they are cheap....

It all depends how you choose them, what are your requirements and needs. Generally, if you choose wisely, you are able to cut the bill to be < $50. It can be done. It does not mean that server is feauture-poor; just the opposite - you get full-featured server.

You can cut even more once you buy physical server - its one time price but its worth it. With size of 15,6" laptop, you get: Xeon 4,8 GHz * 6, up to 256GB RAM, 4*2TB SSD. It costs (one-time) $1299, but monthly cost is +/- $40 (with server running 24/7). Its worth trying.

On SSD you get nothing (fully bootable but empty), you get dvd with OS (usually Linux - I got Arch cause I ordered it).

Once unpacked, insert DVD, boot it from there, install system, configure your webspace (the way you want it - its yours) and enjoy.

The expense generaly depends on the level of reliability that is required. What you described can work to host a web page, but you arent factoring in other components such as load balancing, fault tolerance or disaster recovery. When the $3 fan in that system you described fails, it will bring down your system in a matter of minutes. Not a very good design for a system that services millions of pages per month.

As you try to reach 4-5 9's (99.99%-99.999%) of availability, the cost increases exponential.

It's not just redundancy that needs to be taken into consideration. The CPU needs and RAM required are based on, not only how much simultaneous traffic the website gets, but also how resource-intensive the software that is powering the site (if it is not a static page).

Additionally, the cost of the hardware is the easy part. It's the cost of the bandwidth to host in a datacenter that gets expensive!

Bandwitch is also cheap. The key here is choose wisely (with cost-effectiveness in mind). Bear in mind that cost-effectiveness does not have to be equal with resource-less/poor.

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