Hey, I was just wondering, If you have any old screen dumps of DaniWeb roughly around the time when it kicked off. I'd love to see what now and then looks like in comparison.

Do you think you have anything Dani?

I think web.archive.org doesn't work as well as it used to.

Are there any alternatives to that?

Awwww looookkkk how cute it was... OMG what an incredible journey



Hahaha yup, we've been through quite a handful of incarnations between those and since!

Screenies of old Daniweb isn't half as interesting as the code for old Daniweb. Eew. ;)

hahaha, you remember that, eh? :)

I kinda like the old 'cool techies unite' look!

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I'm just a kind of in awe. Just popping onto a site like DaniWeb, you seem to forget that there might have actually been some hard work involved, tears, frustration and all host of mixed emotions. You forget that Dani isn't just a binary baby born from the loins of a floppy drive but actually started out with an idea, a pretty hairy design and then worked her ass off, no doubt with the support of friends and the community to mature a grow the site to what it is today.

It's been a massive eye opener for myself, just a quick snapshot of Dani's work the historic screen dumps of DaniWeb has completely al;tered my perspective on a couple of things. 1. What can really be achieved through hard work and actually giving a shit about what you are doing, and 2. The individuals behind sites like this aren't just fat cats with dollar signs in their eyes, their real people, with real dreams, and real goals.

I keep talking about Dani in the third person, I know you're reading this Dani, I'm afraid I just don't know how to wriute this without talking about you and to you at the same time.

Regardless, I just want to say I'm respectfully proud of you, and what you've done, and I'm infinatly grateful to you for providing us with this pretty kick ass service.

...And no I'm not forgetting all the Mods, Admins and the community it's self, every one involved has been awesome, but just bare with me whilst I acknowledge my own acknowledgments to someone who has shown me what can be done if you only just care.

DaniWeb is it's self is the binary baby (though I shant make reference to any loins this time) and it's growing up strong.

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Just stumbled upon this thread as a result of browsing around the new design, and just want to once again offer you a massive thank you.

That being said, I actually like that second design (of the two JC provided earlier in this thread) as one of my all time favorites (although there have been a new design every 1.5-2 years over our 15 year history.) It's special for me because I remember it was the first time that DaniWeb began to make some money from advertising and I was actually able to afford to hire a design firm ... Acromedia Inc.

Then two designs ago it was JESS3.

The rest has been all me with some amazing feedback just yesterday from my friend Mariano that I have yet to implement. :)

I've yet to hire Mariano to do a full DaniWeb redesign, but he designed our media kit a few years back and also some small images I needed at the time. He currently is the designer for BitPay.com but when I met him many years ago, he was just a freelancer with the site http://www.690design.co.uk/

This version of DaniWeb is surprizing. Where can I get one?

You have to time travel to 1998.

You better bet I will! After I'll read all the scientific magazines, I'll gain 70IQ on top of that 20IQ I got.