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I tried to format the html in the editor without success. I narrowed it down to <script> tags. All lines prior to the <script> tags seem to be missing a new line and HTML looks as if it's been posted as one long line. If a mod/admin, you can see the underlying format (in Edit Post view) is correct, but not viewed properly.


I think the same happens here:

I noted the issue two weeks ago, when posted the code was correctly indented, a part this I saw also few posts of mine in the same conditions, but at the moment I don't remember which ones.

Also, from profile/posts the indentation appears to be correct for both users:

I know what's causing this but, unfortunately, I don't have an immediate solution. Please bear with me as this might take a couple of days to fix.

For some clarification, what is breaking it is having a clickable link within a code snippet. I'll have a solution soon.

I came up with a solution but it might have some unforeseen issues. Let me know if anything seems funky.

It seems ok for the code block I was referring.