Inline code snippets are much smaller then the snippets in the code part of a code snippet article. Could you please make them equally small, for readability's sake?

cereal commented: +1 +0

The problem with the code snippet you linked me to is exacerbated in that the poster used 8 spaces for each tab stop, and intended 7 tabs in. In my head, there are ~80 columns/line, and he has 60 columns of spaces. I'm happy with the font choice, so I'll see if that one snippet is an anomaly. If there are others like it, then I'll reduce the font.

Seems being the operative word, because it's the same size as it always was. It just looks bigger in this design for some reason.

Perhaps. Also the indent is more to the left than the text above. That sure helps making it look skewed IMO.

I honestly think the problem is the tab stop is 8 spaces instead of the normal 4. Not sure why that is. I'll investigate after I get all of the tag moderation stuff done that I'm in the middle of.

I reduced the font size a tiny bit (I still want to keep it bigger than code within regular posts), and I forced the tab stop to 4. (Not sure why it was defaulting to 8??) That should do it.