Everytime I try to change my profile data (since the newest UI), I keep getting the error "This date appears to not be formatted correctly." I assume it's my date of birth, which I have tried multiple formats and it doesn't like em (it's now MM/dd/yyyy)

dtpp commented: I can confirm this +0

Try YYYY-MM-dd

(Sorry, are you using an older web browser?)

Bingo! That did the trick! And I am using Firefox. Should be up-to-date. Am I supposed to see some sort of popup?

Yeah, you should be seeing the HTML 5 date picker as opposed to a standard form textbox. My research indicated that nearly all people have web browsers that support the date picker nowadays. :(

Really? Well now that is a weird one (also weird, I was the one to report this first, since I know I am not the only one to use FireFox out there)