I like to see a button to move to the next page in a thread on top of the thread. Now, if a thread spans more pages I have to scroll to the bottom of each page to go to the next page. Maybe I missed a shortcut?

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thats indeed very annoyoing to have to scroll down to be able to switch pages...

I agree with this one. It is annoying to scroll down and check the latest reply.

I was fond of that too.

But before entering thread, there is link to latest unread post in thread which is almost as good. Although first time I used it, it never worked as I expected and just took me to last post in thread.

and for the record, there is a page navigation at top, just not on the first page, which is a little odd I suppose.

Firstly, I've just returned home from my 8 day vacation in Miami and am now returning to work on DaniWeb and Dazah :) So here I go ...

I believe I askesd this question before and didn't get any answers I was happy enough with. Please provide me a use case in which you need to select a specific page number when visiting the first page of a thread.

Either you are coming from a thread listing page, where you can hop to the last page. Or you are coming from an outside Google search, where you need to start reading from the top anyways.

I actually recall you asking the question too, and I'm sure I gave a use case. Probably just not one you felt held merit, cannot quite remember.

Well it is just for really long threads. Like you got one just now with 48 replies. I know I read the first page, came back a while later and it is now up to page 3. I can now either start scrolling down to get to page 2 or jump to page 3 and start scrolling up. I am not that often on the community page so I did missed the question Dani, do forgive. Cheers

Suzie, I'm sorry, I can't recall the reason you gave.

Minimalist, my question is how do you arrive at the thread in the first place? If you know you read the first page already, why not jump directly to the last page from the place you arrived at the thread?

I use bookmarks in chrome to arrive vb.net etc. So here I quickly scan things I might be interested in. If nothing happened in a thread I was interested I just leave again, if I see there was some activity or alot I follow from where I know I left.

I do it quite often, I see a thread on daniweb itself, remember there was a post in it that I referred to in code I was making, and want to refer to it again. I remember it was on page 4 or 5 or 6.

Idealy, I'd love to see a little + in the threads title space somewhere, where when I clicked it, a popup or dropdown appeard with links to all the pages in that thread.

I cannot, so I go to first page where I have to go to the next page, then the next, then the next... until I reach my page, phew, fair enough, but before navigating those pages I have to scroll to the bottom of the first page in order to go to page 2.

Seems like nothing right. Perhaps, but I know myself pretty well, and if I happened upon a site where I had to first figure that out and then proceed to do so, It would not be on my list of websites that I see after a google search, to click on.

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Let me see what I can do to accomidate :)

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