I have resurrected this sticky. I know it's target is PHP at the moment, but I'm planning to broaden the subject for web development (HTML/CSS/Js).

If anyone has something useful to add, please let me know in this thread and I'll look into adding it. Do NOT just reply with links, please provide a reason for adding. Link only replies will be ignored. Use the comment/voting system if you (dis)agree with someone's addition, I will take that into account.

Please keep it pleasant.

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I.d upvote this but unfortunately there is no facility on mobile to do so. I should say, STILL no facility. Perhaps I.m the only one here accessing on mobile. :(

Sorry, I couldn't find a place for the thumbs up / thumbs down to fit on mobile. I guess I can put them below the post. Hmm ... Either way, It's going to be a bit of a low priority because I'm so focused on Dazah these days. Besides, only 8% of our overall traffic is on mobile.

only 8% of our overall traffic is on mobile.

Chicken or egg?
Surely nobody would develeop a new networking environment in 2016 without supporting Androis and IOS devices!

i just did an upvote from an 10 inch Asus Android transformer. So that works but this only brought up 2 issues.

  1. Even while I'm in the Chrome browser and have the stock keyboard and touchpad the mouse flyover doesn't see to work. No popup box to comment why an upvote for Diafol above.

  2. Login was blocked by Dazah with a for security message but ODDLY when I went to Daniwed.com I found I'm logged in and making this post.

To me this shows there are still issues with logins. Yes, busy with Dazah you are.

Editing from my W10 laptop to add I really need to try it with my iPad mini. The keyboard for it just arrived so unpack, charge, setup, etc.

only 8% of our overall traffic is on mobile.

Interesting. I would have imagined it was much, much higher. I'm about 50-50 myself regarding mobile browsing vs. desktop/laptop. Now for actually POSTING on Daniweb, I do that almost exclusively on desktop/laptop since I have no word processor or programming IDE on my mobile and it's a pain to type more than a few sentences on a mobile, plus the typos/grammar mistakes go up dramatically. But I'm Generation X. My Millenial friends seem to be able to and prefer to do it all on a mobile. It's mind-boggling to me how someone develops on a mobile phone, but somehow they manage to do it, and again, seem to PREFER to do it that way. I've seen them compile code on their mobile right in front of me. Didn't even realize till then that they made programming IDEs that worked/fit on phones.

Anyway, my vote, for whatever it's worth, would be that it would be worth it to try to fit in the post voting for mobiles if possible. It can be quite helpful in figuring out which posts are probably not worth paying attention to (generally it's very rare for a post to have a -3 when it wasn't deserved). And my guess is that it'll pay off as far as web traffic to Daniweb. It seems silly to not use a forum because of an inability to vote up or down on posts, but that expectation seems to be culturally ingrained nowadays, as is the expectation, often quite unrealistic, that you should be able to do anything on a mobile that you can do on a desktop.

Oops, typo there in my post. "doesn't seem to work."

As to voting on mobiles, will have to try again on the smaller screens later. I guess I should have noted Aerosmith's song too.

Interesting. I would have imagined it was much, much higher.

I believe that most of the folks "landing" on Daniweb are looking for a solution to some technical problem. Given that most of the programming happens on a laptop/desktop, we have too few mobile users. There is a high possibility that the 8% is coming from dedicated members/old timers . Of course, poor mobile support might already be driving this number into the ground as already mentioned.

Dani, is it consistently 8% or has the number gone down with time?

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I check in with my mob. I wouldn.t post code with it but I may post something in the community forums. Like this :) The giveaway is periods instead of apostrophes since my samsung hides them on the sym keyboard :(
Voting I think is the norm now for this type of site. Not having them on mob is a bit frustrating. Oh well. Less interaction.